How To Set Up Your Own Free Referral Program And Boost Your Sales

Ever thought of starting your own referral program? Not sure what it would take or how much it would cost?

If like many small business owners you think it would be complicated to set up or would cost a lot to implement, think again.

I’m about to reveal to you a simple but powerful way to use free business cards to set up your own referral program in no time and get lots of hot, targeted leads and sales.

I’ll show you how to set up your own referral program step by step in just a second, but first let’s talk about why this referral program is so important?

Well, by using this method I’m about to share with you, you will be able to get more customers and more long term clients, a lot more easily.

Potential customers will approach you with more trust from the start and they will be far more likely to buy from you in the short and long term.

Also, if you already use business cards to market yourself, you will find that you will get a higher return on the business cards that you give out and fewer cards will go to waste.

The best part about this technique is that it will also allow you to get others to do all of the marketing for you, so you can spend more time closing sales and serving your customers!

On the flip side, if you don’t use this technique, you will struggle to find new prospects and you will no doubt spend most of your time looking for new customers, spend more money on other forms of marketing and less time closing sales.

So What Exactly Is The Technique?

Well, it’s basically a referral program whereby you get others to promote your business using free business cards. This is a technique inspired by studying Bill Cates, author of Get More Referrals Now!

What makes this system so special and extremely powerful is the fact that it’s a win-win situation for everyone. All parties involved get to benefit from it, your potential customer, the referrer and of course you!

Here’s why it’s much more powerful than conventional business card marketing, where you personally give business cards to a potential customer.

See when you personally give a business card to a potential customer that you’ve only just met, because there is no prior relationship or trust between them and you, the odds of them getting in touch with you in the future fall dramatically.

So randomly giving out business cards to your potential customer is not always the best way forward.

Instead when someone else, ideally an existing customer of yours, gives out your business card that includes your special offer to their own friends, work colleagues and family, then because of the existing level of trust and relationship between the two parties, there will be a much higher percentage of people likely to take up with the offer.

Here’s How It Works

You basically get other people (ideally existing happy customers) to give out your business cards with your special offer on it and incentivise the referrer for doing so.

Follow these simple steps to set up your own business card referral system.

Step 1) First you create a really powerful special offer that your potential customer would love to take advantage of e.g. a free session at your gym or beauty spa worth XX amount or one of your products worth XX amount completely free.

Tip – The more value you can give away, the more people will respond to your offer.

Step 2) Then agree on a really great incentive for your referrer.

It’s important that you BOTH agree on a great incentive, to ensure it’s enough to get the referrer hyped up to promote your business.
The incentive could be anything. Either financial or some form of product or service e.g. for every person they refer that leads to a sale, they get a free session at your gym or beauty spa etc.

Step 3) Assign a unique referrer ID for each individual person promoting your business.

For example, if you have two referrers and one is called Adam John and the other Sarah Louise, then Adam John’s ID could be AJ001 and Sarah Louise’s ID could be SL002.

Step 4) Next, create some free business cards and have your special offer & referrer ID printed on them. You can get them at

Be sure to state on the cards that the customer must quote the referrer ID to receive the special offer, so you can see where the new enquiries are coming from.

Step 4) Inform your staff about the referral program, so they know about the referrer ID’s and how to handle any inquiries that come in as a result.

Step 5) Finally once your cards are printed, give them to the referrers and ask them to start promoting.

And that’s it. Then be sure to monitor any new enquiries that come in as a result and also make sure you reward you referrer as soon as possible.

So there you have a simple, fast and virtually free way to start your own referral program using free business cards. The key is to get it started and fine tune your referral program as you go along.

You can even adding special incentive bonuses later down the line, for those who refer the most customers in a given period e.g. a free ipod for the highest referrals in the next 30 days etc.

A really great book to read about how to get more referrals is Get More Referrals Now by Bill Cates, the referral marketing expert.

Let me know how you get on. Mo

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